Tyvek® Art Bags

Application | Art Packaging

Tyvek® Art Bags are the perfect way to safely pack and store works of art. Our Art Bags are made of Tyvek®, a material known for its durability and protective qualities.
The Art Bags are made of Tyvek® types 1442R and 1623E. The main difference between the two types is that Tyvek® 1623E has micro perforations that provide extra breathability.

Both types are lightweight and waterproof. They offer excellent protection against dust, moisture, mould and UV radiation. The material is reusable and easy to fold, making it ideal for artists who travel or exhibit regularly at different locations. You can be sure that the works remain in top condition when they are packed in our Tyvek® Art Bags.


The Tyvek® Art Bags are available in 2 standard formats:
Small: 65 x 95 cm
Large: 130 x 130 cm

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