Tyvek® 1560K

Application | Art packaging

DuPont™ Tyvek® 1560K is a UV stabilized textile that offers more than 97% protection from UV light. As UV light does not degrade the material, it may be used outdoors for long periods of time and offer protection from outside influences for up to 5 years. This means that Tyvek® 1560K lasts up to 10 times longer in such circumstances  than the standard Tyvek® products without UV stabilisation.

In addition, Tyvek® 1560K sets itself apart because of its extremely high water column and good water vapour transmission relative to its comparatively low weight of c. 58 g/m².

With its smooth structure Tyvek® 1560K prevents scratching, which makes it ideal for wrapping and protecting external exhibitions, sculptures and monuments, but also cars and caravans.


Colour: white
Weight: c. 58 g/m²
Thickness: c. 170 µm

Laws and regulations
The material meets the requirements of the REACH directive.

Technical data sheet is available. 

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