Tyvek® 1056D

Application | Active packaging | Graphic styles

With its weight of c. 55 g/m² and thickness of c. 175 µm DuPont™ Tyvek® 1056D offers a flexible, strong, lightweight basis for your graphic applications. This versatile smooth material is eminently suited for a wide range of graphic applications including carpet labels, wrist bands, cards, books and many more.

Tyvek® 1056D is antistatic and has had a corona treatment, so that optimal adhesion of ink, coatings and glue can be guaranteed. Consequently, it brings out the vividness of the printed colours.

Its high tear resistance, combined with its low weight and water repellent properties make Tyvek® 1056D a good substitute for applications where paper is not strong enough.


Colour: white
Weight: c. 55 g/m²
Thickness: c. 175 µm

Laws and regulations
The material meets the requirements of the REACH directive.

Technical data sheet is available. 
Available on roll or in sheets, inquire after the possibilities.

Breathable – Water repellent - Strong - Lightweight

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