Tyvek® 1025B

Application | Active packaging | Filtration

DuPont™ Tyvek® 1025B has not had any corona or antistatic treatment. It is therefore certified for direct food contact and may be used for intelligent packaging to preserve freshness of foodstuffs. Tyvek® 1025B is strong, breathable but also water repellent. These qualities ensure that Tyvek® 1025B is highly compatible with active ingredients in, for instance, absorption containers such as desiccant pouches.

  • Colour: white
  • Weight: ca. 43 g/m²
  • Thickness: ca. 140 µm


  • Direct contact with foodstuffs
  • Industral absorption pouches
  • Sealing (ultrasonic and impulse)

Laws and regulations

  • Certified for direct contact with foodstuffs (US FDA approved, EU Food approved, China food contact Regulation GB 9685-2016) 
  • Complies with the requirements of RoHS, WEEE and EU packaging directives 

Breathable – water repellent – strong – antibacterial – recyclable