Self-adhesive cover fleece

Application | Floor protection

KING self-adhesive cover fleece is a nonwoven felt protector that covers your floors reliably, quickly and easily. It consists of two layers and was developed especially to create secure walking surfaces. Its top layer is a high-performance polyester needle felt, its bottom layer a leakproof self-adhesive foil.

In addition to its good absorption of shocks and liquids, which prevents damage to floors and keeps paint residue under work boots from spreading onto the work area, KING self-adhesive cover fleece has another great advantage. Its self-adhesive, leakproof bottom layer ensures that KING self-adhesive cover fleece always remains in place on any floor or stairs. This way it creates a safe working environment: no tripping, no slipping.

KING self-adhesive cover fleece is always wrapped with the adhesive side turned outwards, so that the fabric automatically faces the right way down on the floor or stairs when unrolled by hand.

Available in the following sizes: 50 cm x 25 m, 100 cm x 25 m, 100 cm x 50 m (w x l)
Colour: white & grey
Minimum purchase: full pallet, number of rolls per pallet depends on the chosen size

Other widths and lengths on demand.