KING Protection C179

Application | Automotive packaging

In cooperation with DuPont™ Tyvek® we have developed KING Protection C179. This material is made of antistatic Tyvek® with a top layer of powder laminated nonwoven polypropylene.

KING Protection C179 is comparable to Tyvek® 2462C, the difference between these two products is their bonding technique. The ultrasonic bonding process of Tyvek® 2462C creates tiny dots in the structure of the material. KING Protection C179 has been powder laminated, so that the material remains entirely smooth. An added advantage is that no dust particles can stay behind.

KING Protection C179 is eminently suited for use as packaging material in the automotive industry or as base material for protective covers, both indoors and outdoors, of e.g. caravans. The material has been UV stabilized, so that KING Protection C179 offers protection against UV. On top of that, the material is breathable as well as water repellent.


Colour: white / grey
Weight: c. 171 g/m²
Thickness: c. 625 µm

Standard sizes
150 cm x c. 260 m | 4 rolls/pallet 
Other sizes available on demand. 


Breathable – Water repellent – Strong – Does not scratch

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