Tyvek® Industrial Bags and Sacks

Single-ply bags made of DuPont™ Tyvek® are the single choice in fine-powder packaging where strength and permeability are critical.

Unlike multi-wall paper bags, bags industrial bags and sacks of Tyvek® won't leak during shipping and storage. Tyvek® material has exceptional burst strength and tear resistance--even the tremendous stress created by vacuum packaging equipment generally won't break a bag made of Tyvek®. Plus, its superior permeability allows air to be removed quickly while keeping valuable product inside the bag.

As an added bonus, bags made of Tyvek® form tighter, more solid packaging than kraft paper bags. The result? Better stacking and more stable pallets! No matter what the industrial application, Tyvek® does a tremendous job preventing product leakage, enabling improved graphics and satisfying customers.


Discover Industrial-Strength Tyvek® as a:

• Single-ply alternative to using 3 to 5 plies of kraft paper
• Buried ply strength member to replace two plies of kraft and a layer of polyethylene film
• Inner wall for perforated film bags that offers improved air permeability
• Top and bottom reinforcing patch for film bags that adds strength and improved product identification