Tyvek® Graphic styles

A strong, durable and lightweight basis for all your graphic applications

DuPont™ Tyvek® is used in the graphics sector for the high tear resistance, combined with their low weight and water repellent properties. Moreover, the material brings out the vividness of colours to their full potential.

Tyvek® types 1025D, 1056D, 1057D, 1058D, 1073D, 1082D, 1085D and 1442R offer excellent possibilities for printing, by any printing technique. Whether it is screen print, digital print or offset, Tyvek® ensures vivid colours, sharp detail and top print quality. Graphics professionals may rely on Tyvek® to bring their designs to life with impressive visual impact.

Water resistance
One of Tyvek®’s main advantages to the graphics sector is its high resistance to water. This means that printed matter is protected against water, moisture and other fluids that could harm the quality of the product. This makes Tyvek® an outstanding choice for applications like mailing pouches for magazines, catalogues and other publications, but also 

Tear resistance
Tyvek®’s high tear resistance gives the material a long life and tremendous durability, setting it well apart from other materials used in the graphic industry, such as paper, vinyl or pvc.

Graphic applications
Tyvek® types 1025D, 1056D, 1057D, 1058D, 1073D, 1082D, 1085D and 1442R can be used for a wide range of graphic applications. 


Banners: Tyvek® is durable and tearproof, which makes it ideal for extended use indoors and outdoors.

Posters and prints: Tyvek® provides vivid colours, sharp details and an excellent image quality, which makes it the perfect choice for posters and prints that require a professional appearance.

Displays and other presentation material: Dupont Tyvek can be used for displays, presentation boards and other visual means of communication. The material keeps its shape and quality even with regular use and handling.

Packaging: Tyvek® can be used as packaging material for different graphic products. It offers protection from moisture, dust and other environmental conditions, while at the same time presenting a high-end look.

Labels and tags: Tyvek® can be used to manufacture durable labels and tags that withstand abrasion, wear and water. The material ensures that information and identification are displayed reliably and professionally.

Wristbands: Tyvek® is pH neutral and does not irritate the skin. This makes it a suitable material for wristbands.

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