Tyvek® Art Packaging

To protect works of art during storage and transport.

To protect works of art during storage and transport from UV light, scratching, water, condensation, mould or dust.

DuPont™ Tyvek® types 1622E, 1623E, 1442R, 1443R ,1473R and 1560K provide the ideal solution in art protection. These Tyvek® types are excellently qualified for packing paintings or sculptures. They are pH neutral, lint free and allow condensation to escape so that Tyvek® offers protection against internal and external damage.

The breathable, smooth, flexible material is lightweight and easy to use. Its tear and water resistant quality also makes it a durable choice for transport and storage. On top of that, the material is fully reusable. End users should check the condition of the material before reusing.

Made to measure
Tyvek® may be customised to the required size and form, as the material can easily be sewn, glued or taped together. It is also possible to unroll the material to create clean work areas or screens.

DuPont™ have recently changed the names of the Tyvek® styles 1622E and 1443R to 1623E and 1442R respectively. During the transition period we shall continue to supply these styles from our present stock under the old names 1622E and 1443R.