Tyvek® Agriculture

To protect crops and increase the quality of agricultural produce

DuPont™ Tyvek® 1446B and 1442R are used in the agricultural sector for their durability, sustainability and protective properties, which help to shield crops from harmful elements and improve both the yield and quality of agricultural products.

Protection from insects and diseases
Tyvek® 1446B and 1442R can be used as barriers to protect crops from harmful insects and diseases. This may help to achieve a higher crop yield and reduce the use of pesticides.

Optimum control of crops and harvesting
When a Tyvek® material has been placed under the crops, the harvest is speeded up through reflected sunlight and is easier to control.

Protection against the weather
Tyvek® may also be used as a protective layer on top of crops to prevent damage from extreme weather conditions, such as wind, rain, hail and frost.

Protection during transport and storage
Tyvek® can be used as protective packaging for the transportation and storage of seeds and other agricultural products. The material protects against moisture and damage from abrasion; it can help to preserve the quality of the product.

Depending on weather conditions, Tyvek® 1446B en 1442R can be used for as many as  2 or 3 harvests.