Protective Nonwovens

Pack and protect with DuPont™ Tyvek®

As master distributors of DuPont™ Tyvek® materials, KING Protective Nonwovens offers solutions for a great number of demanding packaging and protection applications.

DuPont ™ Tyvek® 
DuPont ™ Tyvek® is a spunbonded nonwoven made of high-density polyethyleen (HDPE). This material has unique advantages, because it combines the best physical properties of paper, foil and textile.

Tyvek® is available with either a hard or a soft sheet structure. It is often used for packaging and protection because of its unique properties. The material is very strong and durable, hard-wearing, tear and puncture resistant. This makes it the ideal choice for the packaging and protecting of vulnerable items.

Optimum protection
Among Tyvek®’s principal advantages for packaging and protection are its water-resistance and breathability


Because of this it protects your items from moisture, dirt, dust and other particles that may affect their quality. This makes Tyvek® eminently suitable for, for example, the packaging and dispatching of sensitive electronics or medical equipment.

In addition, Tyvek® is lightweight and easy to process, which makes it a cost-effective solution for packaging and protection purposes. The material cuts and folds easily and may be printed with anything from warnings and instructions to product information.

On top of that, Tyvek® materials are environmentally friendly. They are fully recyclable, which makes them a sustainable option for packaging and protection.