Horticulture, garden and landscaping

KING groundwork fabrics stabilize, filter, drain and distribute pressure on various surfaces and substrata.  

KING groundwork fabrics are high performance nonwovens that are easy to install as separation layers as part of your surface preparation. These groundwork fabrics are characterised by one or more of the properties below. They can be employed in horticulture, gardening and any kind of landscaping.

Separation and stabilisation
KING groundwork fabrics prevent granular and soil layers from mixing and improve bearing capacity, ensuring a longer lifespan for the construction. This way, loss of granulates to the subsoil is avoided in, for instance, metalled surfaces such as gravel paths, footpaths, yard pavement, carparks and access roads.

High water permeability ensures the quick drainage of water surplus, so that water can no longer compromise the construction. KING polyester ground fabric is suited, among other things, for use under  gravel, soil compost or wood decking. This fabric has a better water permeability than, for instance, tape fabric, is easier to cut and does not fray.


Filtering and erosion control
Filtration prevents destabilisation of the soil through internal flow. The filtering function of KING groundwork fabrics has a dual effect. You create a separating layer, achieving a high soil density and, at the same time, high water permeability. This prevents the efflux of small surface particles. A natural granular filter is formed that does not clog.

Protection and distribution of pressure
With their great strength and puncture resistance, KING groundwork fabrics effectively protect your pipelines, foils and other geomembranes. This combination of properties ensures good energy absorption, neutralising local tensions and preventing damage to adjacent layers.