KING filtering fabrics optimize the flow of air and liquid.

KING has filtering fabrics with various degrees of (air) permeability that serve as filter mediums. They are used, for example, to filter out powders or residue particles from air, water or oil. Using KING filtering fabrics with the right liquid permeability, you can filter out of a liquid any particles larger than the pores of the fabric.

Besides industrial applications, nonwoven filtration fabrics are increasingly used in, for instance, band-pass filter machines regulating different water flows in greenhouses, open-air horticulture and manure processing. With many of these applications we see that the properties of a nonwoven are often preferred to those of other filtering mediums.

Both because of its high filtering efficiency and because of its great strength and the absence of slip through, which can be a problem with woven yarns.

We offer an extensive assortment of filtering fabrics, consisting of needle felt, polyester fleece and 100% spunbonded polypropylene: Typar® 45 g/m² en Typar® 68 g/m².

Here is an overview of our filtering fabrics.